Integrate with Azure AD/MS Entra to read outlook messages from an outlook account

i am trying to click on a retool button to submit a request to Microsoft via Azure to connect to my outlook account and read emails. I was directed to go to Azure and set up a project and also set permission via Azure Microsoft Entra (was Azure Ad). I am getting errors on the callback URI to use to get the callback to my Retool App.

This is what my submit is sending in now:

I see the redirect uri says "/editor/" so i am sure that's wrong. I have not found the correct way to configure this call back.

  • Goal: trying to read emails into retool to display them in my retool app.

  • Steps: I have followed doc and set up an app in Azure and configured what i think are correct settings in Azure MS Entra Admin Center.

  • Details: when i click on the submit button that submits the uri above, i get:

Microsoft accountAccount

We're unable to complete your request

invalid_request: The provided value for the input parameter 'redirect_uri' is not valid. The expected value is a URI which matches a redirect URI registered for this client application.

Happy to send any more details.

I did not want to bother everyone with more data until I made my problem more clear.