Installing Retool using Helm (Liveness probe failed and Readiness probe failed)

My Pod starts running and after sometime they fail due to, Liveness probe failed and Readiness probe failed
Log :
Normal Created 6m26s (x2 over 8m26s) kubelet Created container retool
Normal Started 6m26s (x2 over 8m26s) kubelet Started container retool
Warning Unhealthy 4m57s (x6 over 7m17s) kubelet Liveness probe failed: Get "http://...:**/api/checkHealth": dial tcp ....: connect: connection refused
Warning Unhealthy 3m23s (x16 over 7m17s) kubelet Readiness probe failed: Get "http://.
/api/checkHealth": dial tcp**: connect: connection refused

Hey @shubham_Lohar! Happy to help, I just have a few questions for you :slight_smile:

  1. Is this your first time deploying or was this working before?
  2. How did you deploy/did you follow any docs in particular?
  3. And what version are you running?

Thank you!