Inserted column name isn't showing in the tables data array when bulk inserting

I have a query that's along the lines of Select item_no, description, date and then it populates a table called myTable. I then insert a custom column called Quantity, make it editable, and have a submit button doing a bulk insert.

Here's the part that I'm getting stuck at. The bulk insert, inserts the data into a different table called qtyTable, but when I inspect, you don't see the quantity column. It only has item_no, description, date.

Is there a transformation that I need to do? Any help would be great. Thanks.

You must write a transformer or a JS query for this bulk insert. The data property only contains the response from the query, not the custom columns, because custom columns are part of the Front end change.
This thread will help you write the transformer.

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Thanks TabraizAhmed. I need a little bit more hand holding.

Agreed with @TabraizAhmed's suggestion! Since custom columns are frontend only & are tricky to reference in queries, I would use a transformer on your Select item_no, description, date query to add the Quantity column instead of using a custom column in the table:

let table = formatDataAsArray(data)
return>{x.newColumn = null; return x})