Infinite loop of 'perform changeset' messages

An app of ours just started experiencing what seems to be an infinite loop of "Performance log: handling commit changeset" console logs with some of the queries in my app also listed as functions that appear to be constantly running. It seems to be hampering performance to the point that I can't really debug what's going on in the app.

I observe this in both edit and production modes for the app and no edits have been made to the app in weeks.


Experiencing the same issue since last night.


Experiencing this too


Also experiencing this since yesterday


Same problem with this infinite loop! Please help


Hey All! Taking a look at this. Is the only symptom that this log continuously is shown? Are apps working as expected?

No, app freezes and not functioning properly. Everything is slow and takes a few minutes to load

Hi @joeBumbaca

We have just noticed this issue on our Retool dashboards as well. Of the browsers tested so far, it seems to impact Arc and Chrome but not Safari or Firefox. The app begins to load but quickly hangs the browser, with high levels of CPU usage attributed to the Retool tab

In the browser console there is a continuous stream of logs as described by Dennis

Thanks for the extra details. In communication with some others on the team and working on a revert. Will update you here shortly when that is live.


Revert is now live! Does this issue still persist, or are you seeing apps back to normal now?

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Thanks for the quick resolution @joeBumbaca -- we no longer see the issue on our end

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Thanks for the fix Joe! Seems to be working ok on our end too. Out of curiosity, what was the issue?

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Issue appears to be fixed for us as well. Thank you!

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Thanks for the confirmation everyone! @Claudiu_Soare, the issue was around the evaluation of url parameters. Have a great day!