Indicate to other users that a certain row in a table is actively selected

In an app that I have built, multiple users can be using the app at the same time. When one user selects a specific asset, and is in the process of underwriting that asset, sometimes, other users will select the same asset and begin underwriting the asset. I want to know if it is possible to have some indication to users that one specific asset has been selected, so that we do not encounter this problem anymore. I do not know if Retool supports this "live" view, but it would be very helpful!

Hi @mangled Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, Retool doesn't support live/real-time updates yet. The closest supported option at the moment is that queries can be set to trigger periodically, every X milliseconds, under the advanced settings of the query.

I believe this feature request is similar to your use case if you'd like to comment on or like that post