Increase size of statistic

For the statistic widget, how do I make the widget bigger. It is too small for my use case. I want it to be at least twice as tall. I tried writing CSS for the widget, but I don't know what to target.

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Hey @oesbroeck, unfortunately there isn't a way to change the size of the statistic component at the moment. It's something our devs are aware of and I can let you know here if that functionality is included, however in the meantime you may be able to try using either an HTML component or a composite of text components to get something similar. Both have variable heights and can therefore fit larger text.

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Thanks for the reply. I managed to make an equivalent using a plotly indicator. It is re-sizable to any shape. The plotly data code is

[{  value: {{Insert Value Here}},
    type: "indicator",
    mode: "number+delta",
    number: {valueformat: "r"},
    delta: {
            reference: {{Insert Previous Value Here}},
            position: "right",
            valueformat: ".2", 
            increasing: {symbol: "+", color: "red"},
            decreasing: {symbol: "",color: "green"}

(also use a temporary state with a default value of zero so it loads as an indicator and not a graph before the queries finish)