Incorrect syntax for


I'm trying to display all records from a query (well, just on column called "company_name") into a text box.

I think I am missing something simple from my code - but all I am getting as a result is the commas between the records - not the string of 'company_name I expect (Although it knows the record count - as it places the correct number of commas.....

{{ => record.value).join(',')}}


Can anyone guide me to the correct syntax?


.data.sector_name returns an array of values

So to display a string of all values, you could do something like:

.data.sector_name.join(‘ ‘)

Would that work for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Victoria, that will teach me to use ChatGPT (although it has been a great help tbh - as, I am no coder!).

It seems my code was overly complicated. Your code has tidied things up and got it working. Thanks!


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