Improve BoundingBox by add more event and method/property to it

BoundingBox is so a useful component, I recently put it to a module which manage picuture.
And I am excited in every picture can keep itself boundingboxs information.

But there is some problem when I use it in module. The only event can add handler is change.

Everytime the boundingbox is open in modal the change is triggered, yes, even not drag box. Because the value of boundingbox is change from empty[] to boundingBoxs.value, yes, I know that process.

But in the change event handler, I put the upsert query in it, it will empty boundingBoxs value.

So could add two more event? drag and delete, which will triggered after the box is dragged and deleted?

Also, I find another difficult is there is no a method to reset the status of boundingBox,
When you select another row in table, you can't reset the status(data) of boundingBox.

Consider adding a method of resetStatus or clearStatus?

Another question is label.
I think we should not constraint the option of label in array of label. But should allow custom option value, Because there are too many labels corresponding to different types.

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I'll request all of this! Agreed with your suggestions :blush:

If you haven't yet, you could add some logic to the "only run when" section of the change event to prevent triggers when empty

The only thing I'm not sure if I understand yet is the status request (resetStatus, clearStatus), are you re-setting this?

This property appears to clear when the src URL changes:

Yes, indeed.

When URL change, label is set to undefined which is means you can't select any label.

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Also ,could u file a feature request - polygon boundingbox?

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Yes will do!