Import CSV to run bulk REST GET

Hello All,

I have an app where I can upload a csv file with 3 columns (tracking_number,status,delivery_date). Only the tracking column is filled out with numerous rows and I have a table below to display the data.

I then have a REST API query that can get the status and delivery data based on the tracking_number and it works fine but how would I build a query to track each row of the tracking_number column and then insert the status and delivery_date into the columns in the table? Is that possible?


Hey @Miotx, if you're able to pull all the status and delivery data that match the tracking_numbers in your CSV dataset in one query using your REST API resource, that would be ideal. If this isn't possible, you could loop over an array of the tracking_numbers and iteratively trigger your REST API query to GET the status and delivery data for each tracking_number (all within a JS query). Our docs show an example of how you could set this up:

I hope this helps with your use case :smile:

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@everett_smith you rock, thank you!