Import CSV and append it into an existing Table but skip the existing


I am currently trying to build a simple import data to an existing Table.
I tried to import a CSV with some new data and some old data that already exist in the database.
Basically the code works fine when I import a CSV into an empty table. But it will throw an error when there are already some data in the database. For example, some data with same SampleID already exist in the database.

I was expecting my code will keep importing the data and skip any matching SampleID because my SampleID is Unique.
The below table is my MySQL table where I want to append the data from Table1 above it.
Is there any way to do this? Many thanks for any of your help guys.

Hi @Dhani

It sounds like you'll want to use a bulk upsert for your query type! That way, if the record exists, it would "update" to the same existing data, and if it doesn't exist, it would insert the new data