ImageIput save to Google Cloud Bucket

Hi guys,

  1. I have a mobile app with an imageInput
  2. Then I want to run a query to save this image to my Google Bucket and return a public URL

Issue : image is not saved, a corrupted image of 15 octets is always created
Any idea what I do wrong ? I check on forum, can't found any solution


I found a solution but it's still not perfect :

  1. I create a javascript query as below
  2. then I change Content-Type to "Binary"
  3. and I use the javascript query data for the image


Issue I'm still facing : public URL that is returned isn't working :

I thought maybe it is related with this option (Access level, I tried to put "public-read") but the request doesn't perform when I do it. No image is saved.


On Google Bucket side I have no public link :

Thanks in advance for your help

Hey @doklyne! Just to double check, your image is successfully uploading now, but it's not generating a proper public link?

If so, would this doc help? :slight_smile:,will%20not%20be%20publicly%20accessible.

Yes it was the issue, thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome, so happy to hear it! :pray: