I'm trying to use the FullCalendar in Retool but am having difficulties mapping values

I'm looking to apply a query to a FullCalendar application. The query pulls from a table in the Retool Database. I'm attaching a picture of the calendar and my query. The current calendar is still showing information from a JSON version that I used to experiment with.
Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Liz! Apologies for the delayed response here, we've been a bit busy :sweat_smile:

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your calendar settings? Curious if somehow the test JSON info got cached as the calendar's data source.

Hi Victoria - thanks for the response. Could you please direct me to the calendar settings you'd want to see? I'm attaching screenshots of the different views. Let me know if you need something else.


Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 2.23.04 PM

Thank you for sharing that, Liz! In your custom component's Model section (where you input data), it looks like you're referencing your JSON Editor component rather than your events transformer. You'll likely need to reference events.value instead!

That's helpful, thanks! Now, I've connected the events to my data source to a query so I can use the Retool Database to populate the calendar. Unfortunately, I have another issue that doesn't allow me to parse the data as an array, populating each row with a new value. Instead, all the values in a selection are populated into a single row. I've attached screenshots. Would love any advice!

Hey Liz! Got it. And how are you currently piping in the data (e.g. events.data) in your custom component? You may need to construct an event object for every room title instead of putting all room titles into one event!