I'm new and lost - how to bulk update firestore DB from multi select

Howdy guys! I'm a noob to Javascript, Firestore and, um, Retool - so bear with me and remember it's the season of goodwill :wink:


The use case is: a manager wants to assign leads to sales people or ignore dodgy leads. We provide them with a table that is populated from firestore that they can filter to find subsets of leads.

The manager wants to select that subset of leads and either assign them (populating an assignee attribute in a firestore doc) or ignore them (populating an ignore flag in the doc)

The thing is, we need that to be as efficient as poss for the managers and that probably means a multi select and single update command - I've attached the idea for you to see.

In my past, I'd have used an update where clause which I know isn't possible via firestore.

So, to get the pattern right, could someone help me with the type of code I should put in my assign button - or how else I could approach the problem?

Disclaimer: when I see code snippets on the forum I'm so new I don't really know the context of where they'd even go. So talk to me as if I'm really dumb - I'm not, of course, I'm just thinking about your future new customers who might be :rofl:

Have you gone through some of the tutorials? I suggest that you do get some of the fundamentals down only so your project doesn't become overwhelming as you build it out and it becomes more complex.

Yes I did - thanks Scott. Long story short: work with the tools

OK. - so maybe the better way to do this would be to make the columns Assignee and Ignore both editable and then run bulk update on the table itself.
And then use Bulk Update query on the table...a good example is on that same page as well.