IFrame size for embedded retool apps

What’s the best practice for embedding retool apps at full height. My understanding is that there’s no way to respond to the size of an iframe on the host site without a) knowing the height in advanced (static height wouldn’t be responsive) or b) having control over the attributes of the iframe element. There are some JS approaches but they also require control of the iframe.
What’s the approach we should take, considering the embedding script?

Hey Torin - would something like this work: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5867985/full-screen-iframe-with-a-height-of-100

If not, let me know a little more about what you’re trying to accomplish (and why it’s not currently working the way you’d like it to) and I can try to help out more

Jack, thank you, this approach works well. I’d actually read it earlier but, for some reason, I thought I couldn’t style the iframe provided by the embedder. Setting !important fixed it right up.

Nice! Glad to hear you got things working the way you want :slight_smile: