If users select 1st row on 1st page, on page change, same row gets selected

I'm trying to select a row which reflects selected data on another table of same page. Now, when I try to select 1st row of page 1. On page change, 1st row of page 2 gets selected automatically and on the second table the data changes from 1st row page 1 to 1st row page 2.

I want 1st row page 1 to stay selected even if user changes page. On page change the records of that page should be deselected

Hi @Sharayu_Jadhav Thanks for reaching out!

I am not seeing the same behavior :thinking: Is your table using server side pagination? What does this part of the table settings look like:

Do you happen to have any event handlers related to row selection or page changes?


Hi, @Tess which retool version did you use to have a Page change event? Because mine is not showing :frowning:

Hi @RaediNurdiansyah It looks like it went out for the new table on Retool v3.0 Let me know if you're not seeing it there