I need to make a PDF - from Postgre table that contains json data

I have a postgre row - looking to display that data - the json data has multiple rows. How do I parse it? I feel like if I get the query then I can use retool to generate a PDF

For the PDF -

Do I have to pull the one query, and then create a 2nd query to parse the data for that row or can i do it all from query.

If so how would i do it.

Example data:

id: 1
company_name: Acme
Service Details:

Sorry if this is basic but I'm new and i've been researching this for a bit.

Hi @kauthon Thanks for reaching out! No need to apologize, we're happy to help :sunglasses:

It would be helpful to have more details about your use case. Any screenshots you can share would help too

For example, how do you want to display the data? If you wanted a table with only the Service details, you could do this:

Is there only ever one row/company returned at a time? (Acme, in this case)

It's likely that you'll only need one Postgres query, but you may need to do some Javascript to transform the data as needed