I need help to get this done

I am trying to make interestRate field generate a value based on the two input fields investmentAmount and tenor. There is a Google Sheet that has the data in a table. I just want to modify a form in a way that when a value is input in the investmentAmount field and a certain value is selected in the tenor field, it generates the rate based on the range the investmentAmount falls under and the tenor chosen, in accordance to the table.

Lastly, I want to be able to write a formula to calculate the "Total interest to be paid" based on the investmentAmount, Tenor and interestRate. I am a Newbie, please help.

With the small amount of data you have for the investment range in google sheet, it can be written in a temporary state variable in Retool without needing to connect to google sheet (it takes a bit of work setting it up if you want to make the connection).

I suggest to go with temporary state variable for the time being, it would make things a lot easier.

Here I have created a temporary state variable as JSON data similar to what you would have in the google sheet.

I have created a few Inputs and created a query to update the interest rate % on tenor change, the event handler in the tenor component will trigger the calculateRates query.

testApp.json (10.3 KB)
I have attached the app that I created, you can import it and see how it works. Populate the interest_rate data and test it out. Afterwards you can try to calculate the total interest to be paid.


Hi @lenti
Thank you so much. It worked. One last thing is: I am trying to make the total_interest field to generate a value based on the multiplication of the amount and rate field. Please help.

Using the calculateRates query I created, you can replace it with this.

interest_rates.value.map((rate) => {
  if (amount.value > rate.lowlimit && amount.value < rate.highlimit) {
    let getTenor = rate[tenor.value];
    let mapMonth = {
      three_month: 3,
      six_month: 6,
      nine_month: 9,
      twelve_month: 12,
      A = P(1+RT)
      A = total accrued amount
      P = principal
      R = interest rate
      T = time period
    let P = amount.value;
    let R = parseFloat(rates.value) / 100.0;
    let T = (mapMonth[tenor.value] * 30) / 365;
    let A = parseInt(P * (1 + R * T));
    //replace total_interest with the textInput component where you wanted the result.

The total interest formula I used maybe a bit off, feel free to change it.