I need help getting started. Is recordUpdates no longer valid?

I have a mySQL database I want to use as the data source. I am testing a very simple table update to get a feel for how this works. I've watched the video: Building your first app (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv5niaHKo5g&t=300s) and in the step by step he shows the use of .recordUpdates This is not an option in my interface. The only option I found that works is {{conversations.changesetArray[0]}} However, the update function goesinto a endless loop of saving. The record updatees, but the save button doesn't seem to work, and the running button just cycles endlessly. I am wondeirng 1) if the functionalit changed since the How To video was created and if there is a more updated tutorial. I am looking for a very simple guide on how to get this working. So far I cannot find anything.

My ultimate goal is to have a simple search function to select records, and then display child fields from a related table and edit those. That's it.

Any help would be much appreciated. I've spent about 6 hours trying to figure this out and I'm close to the end of my patience. THANKS!

  • Goal:

  • Steps:
    filter: {{conversations.selectedRow.conversation_id}}
    changeset object: {{conversations.changesetArray[0]}}
    set up the change cell handler
    control query > updateConversation > Trigger

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