I have never been so annoyed

Every time I move anything it moves something else. I feel like this should not be an issue at all. I can't get anything done because every time I move one thing the entire thing gets messed up. I know there's not a solution to this on my end but please fix this UI problem.

chrome-capture (2)

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Hey @mattr534!

Happy to help here! Do you have any components with "hide when true" logic applied to them here? Typically we see this behavior when a component that is conditionally hidden tries to adjust the UI below it when it's hidden. If so, one option here could be to toggle on "Always show in edit mode". Another option I find helpful sometimes is to use the arrow keys to move components. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

I wasn't able to convey that in the video but that video is me moving an item with the mouse, with the keyboard, and then as a group. I have no hidden items. I did however take them out of the container and build them and dropped them back in but I'm still dealing with multiple issues with that. I'm realizing it's going to take me forever to pinpoint every lists of labels I have to get done.

Hi @mattr534!

Thank you for reporting this issue — I can imagine this is super frustrating. We believe we've tracked down the problem and should have a fix out tomorrow. We'll let you know when that's live!


Awesome! Thank you!

Hey @mattr534 — the fix is live, and I'm hoping it addresses the issue you were seeing. Let us know!


This makes me so happy! thank you!