I can't sign in

I can't sign in to Retool. It is treating me like someone who has not already purchased the product.


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Could you please attach some screenshots in order to see whats happening? Thank you

Actually I can get in now but each time I try to log in it puts up a screen that announces that it is sending me am email where I can indicate which organization I am trying to log in to. If I choose the upper option it lets me in.
I have no idea why it is routing me through this.
Pictures are attached.


Use Sign in with Google button


Where is the "Sign In with Google" button?


On the Welcome Back screen
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 3.15.38 PM

For some reason the Google option does not work for me.

It would seem to me that Retool should fix the LogIn problem rather than put us through work arounds.


Hey Mike!

Hmm, I think this is happening because your email belongs to multiple organizations and you're logging in by going to the generic login page https://login.retool.com/auth/login, presumably?

If so, you can get around this issue by going directly to the login page for the org you're trying to access!

In your screenshot, it looks like you'd go to https://doncaster.retool.com/auth.login or doncaster319.retool.com/auth/login, depending on which org you're trying to access.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:


I eventually found that https://doncaster.retool.com/auth/login works for me.

I was using some sort of google login before. It used to work fine then it stopped working. I have created an icon with this new log in code, so I am out of the woods.

Thanks very much. I will mark this as a solution.


Very happy to hear that! Thank you for updating the post and for marking solution :slightly_smiling_face: