I cant seem to run the "recordUpdates" function to the new Table in Retool


The new Tables option in Retool is brilliant, but when I try to write the handler into the new Tables to save changes it doesnt work.

This is the event handler I have working fine on the legacytables to edit and save them.

But when I run the exact same setup but on the new Table option in Retool I dont get the "recordUpdates" option to use on the new table for saving changes?

Any idea what I am doing wrong here?


Hello @Robert_Ale!

The new Table component has two properties for referencing updated cell values:

  • changesetObject: an object where keys are identifiers for changed rows, and the values are row changesets. Row identifiers are either primary keys, or data indexes based on whether a primary key column is configured.
  • changesetArray: an array of row changesets. This property is most similar to reocrdUpdates, but is only available when Table has a primary key column configured. Each row's changeset includes its primary key.

Here's an example of a Table where an "enabled" column is made editable and the row with an id of "68" (the primary key) has been toggled to true:

CleanShot 2023-05-01 at 14.53.29@2x

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Thank You!

Hi Alexi, and how can I access the data that belong to the row that is being modified, as it happened with the "recordUpdates" of the previous table component.

Hey @DanielG! Are you looking for the {{ table2.changesetArray }} property? Or have you found it and have other questions?