How update data in a modal using two queries?

Hi i got this use case

the header example Reference no. if i update that and press Update purchase order button it should run query#1 (the one that edits info in header)

if i update the other fields like item name or add/edit it should use another query to update another table.

so basically i got one table for header and another for details, whats the best approach to achieve this?

thank you

Hey @agaitan026 :slight_smile:

So you have 2 tables and need to update both at the same time? Or only sometimes? Or only 1?

Sorry, Iā€™m a bit confused :sweat_smile:

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Yes I got two tables, so a few fields go to table 1 and others to table 2

They should be both updated when I press Update button

This definitely seems possible with 2 queries, 1 for each table! Do you currently have your update queries drafted?

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this post may be deleted @victoria im using this post instead Tips to manage this purchase order module correctly - #9 by agaitan026 with @Kabirdas :slight_smile: is the same case