How to write update query for modal

Hi Team,

I have 2 buttons in table i.e., View and Edit.
When I click on Edit button one modal will get open, inside that I am showing selected data and edit option, till this point it is working fine. Now I want to update edited data in MongoDB database.
I have created one resource for update, however stuck to write update query.
Please help me how to proceed further on this.
Please find attached screen shot for the same.


Hey @lalitha1024! Are you looking to do something like this?

Thankyou Victoria.
I am looking some thing like this, however products is string type it is working fine.
In my requirement input is comma separated string i.e., "test, test1, test2"
while saving in MongoDB it should save like a list i.e., 3 separate rows should get created and save means test created in one row, test1 in another row and test2 created in another row.
Please find below my MongoDB collection structure and let me know, is there any way to achieve this.

In above example my input is "dl_number, ssn_on_file" it got saved like above.


I am able to solve this issue using split. Below is code.

{"$set":{"field_names" : {{ textInput8.value.split(',')}} }}


Perfect :pray: So glad to hear it! Write us back anytime :slightly_smiling_face: