How to validation to date input in form

I have created a date input form, but when I enter text, the input value does not change properly. Looks like this is an error from retool.

Please give me a solution for validation in this case.

Hi @nhanhv, if I'm understanding correctly, you would like to let the user know they can't add that "a" at the end, right?

@Paulo Yes, I want to validate when entering a value that is not a date.

Thank you for clarifying! :slightly_smiling_face:
We just created a bug report for this, we'll keep you posted with any updates from our devs.

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I have a date textbox with name date_start.
Snap 2024-02-26 at 17.17.01

When I enter the value invalid "2024/02/262" in the date_start, but the "value" property was "2024-02-26" and the "formattedValue" property was "2024/02/26".

The problem is that the date_start properties do not show the value "2024/02/262" in list of properties of it. As a result, I cannot implement a custom rule for this field. (to check value incorrect date was 121212323 or 2024/13/13)

Thank you for any support you can offer. I greatly appreciate it!

Hi @KhoaDang, we reported this issue and we'll keep you updated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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