How to use retool to connect with a laravel api

hi, I am really new to retool, I have a laravel backend api, and I wanna create a retool frontend and connect with my api, I tried to choose the REST API resource and create app, but I am not sure if it's correct, can you please help me to figure it out? Many THANKS!

As long as your API is public facing, then yes, you would make a REST connection and fill in your details to your endpoint.

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Thanks for your kind reply. Can I ask how I can test my connection? I found some tutorials said that I can test the connection successful or not, but I didn't find the button, here is my screenshot of my page:


Once you create the resource, with endpoint and Auth or however you connect, then head to the Query Library, and use the resource to make a query.

I know this isn't a REST resource, but the same pattern applies.

Created my resource...

And then a Test Query to make sure it works:

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thanks! I will try again!