How to update my Retool database from a HubSpot query?

End Goal
I am building an app to help manage the company's tasks from different apps. One of those apps is HubSpot. I want to pull all the Tasks that ever existed in HubSpot and add them to a Retool database that I created. I think the solution to this is simpler than I think, but I have no idea how to get around it.

Thinking process and what I have done so far

  • I was able to get all the tasks from HubSpot by creating a query called getAllTasks, and I am able to display them on a table. NOTE: HubSpot's API doesn't allow for filtering, so you have to just query every task you have ever created.
  • I created a database in Retool called hubspot_tasks that has fields like "hs_recordid, hs_duedate, hs_tasktype.. etc"
  • HubSpot tasks are created automatically, no one create tasks manually, so I want to create an integration in HubSpot that automatically inserts all new tasks to this Retool database (problem for another day)
  • Right now, I just want to be able to add all the existing tasks into the database
  • There must be a way to insert all those tasks into the database. I added a resource query to the PostgreSQL in Retool, and I am using the GUI mode to bulk insert. But how do I match the the fields from the HubSpot API response to the fields of the database?

Am I thinking about this properly?

Yes and you can use a WITH clause... Check out this post:

This post might be helpful as well!

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