How to store/retrieve signature from form

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I have a signature component that I want to save to the retool database (postgres). I know I can get the .value from the component but it's just a string. If I store that value into the retool database, how would that signature value be displayed if I created a front end display for the table? What should the table column type be for storing this? Is there a different/better way to go about storing and retrieving signatures?

Edit: I stored the value into the DB but when I created a table to display the data it only showed the string from the .value. Is there a way around this? Or should I just have them free type their name instead of using a signature?

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as stated in docs, The base64-encoded image of the captured signature will be keep in value.

You can use image type column to show base64 image

above is not complete demo, you can change the value of column to the base64 string from your database.

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