How to setup license for a freelancer?

Hi there,
I messaged the retool support team but didn't receive any answer, so I am asking here:

If I want to build retool apps for customers as a freelancer, what kind of licensing options do I have?
Would it be possible that I would e.g. have an enterprise account in which I build the apps for my customers? Are there any limitations regarding the fleibility of granting permissions per customer?
Or would I rather require my customers to setup their own retool accounts and subscriptions and I would setup the retool apps in their account?

Thank you in advance

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@victoria maybe you have some input?

My experience has been working in the client's environment as each client will need their own domain for several reasons, chief among them, security.... for my personal projects I am using my own free version at the moment. That's my 2 cents... :slight_smile:

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Hey @boernard There really isn't 1 cut and dry answer here. It depends on the requirements of yourself and the clients with regards to permissions etc. The Enterprise plan has full access to all the permission tools that Retool has to offer, which may be more or less than you or your customers require. As @ScottR mentioned, having separate environments guarantees that there is no overlap.

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