How to send sql query result in an email through an API or smtp?

Beautiful day everyone! Kindly looking for your support on what might be something simple but I can't figure it out. I'm doing a workflow with a simple query to my db and I want to send the results by email using the mandrill api.

I have already setup the mandrill api and it works perfectly, however when I attemp to send the results of the query in the form of {{ }} the body of the email is either blank or [object OBJECT] or the word Array, and I can't figure out how to extract the full list of results.

If it's possible to also know how to do this as an attachment that would also help me out a lot! Appreciate any help, thanks!

Hey @Jose_Cifuentes!

You might ty using {{ JSON.stringify( }} or something similar to properly convert your data into the correct format. This all depends on what your API is expecting, however! Do you have a working example request to the API that you can share? This could be hardcoded data in Retool, or from something like CURL or Postman.