How to send empty REST queries?

Hello guys, I'm trying to set up a check to connect to my RESTQuery. I need to create a verification where it checks if the field is empty; if it is, it should be sent as null, and if it's not empty, it should send the detected data.

For example, I want to update some blog entries, but re-uploading the cover image is not mandatory, although it might be necessary in some cases. In cases where it's not necessary, you can simply leave it empty. However, the REST query gives me an error because it's expecting data.



One solution that comes to mind is to assign a default value to the FileDropZone component, but it doesn't have a default value option.

{{fileBlogCoverUpdate.value[0] === null?null:fileBlogCoverUpdate.value[0]}}

If the file value is null then send null otherwise send file value

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