How to search a user (by email) in a table (firebase auth)

Hello all,
I am currently trying to search for a user via email and have it appear in the table. The query returns a successful response but the table doesn't update. I tried adding the following query to the table {{ }}

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 12.08.29 PM

I tried to do something like this in the query with no success {{ searchUserEmail.value.length > 0 ? :}}
If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it!

Hey @Isis_Curiel!

Can you try {{ [ ] }}? Tables expect one of two formats:

Array of objects:

{ email: '', emailVerified: true },
{ email: '', emailVerified: false }

Object of arrays:

email: ['', ''],
emailVerified: [true, false]

It looks like {{ [ ] }} will fit the array of objects format :thinking:

That worked! I didn't even realize that!!