How to run node code for rfc

Hello, I want to try retool rfc, seem to get stuck with import problem.

The according to hint, I change import to as following and run again.

Here is my package.json


Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @AnsonHwang!

Thanks for trying out Retool RPC! I think when using CommonJS, you would use require instead of import. It should look something like:

var rt = require('retoolrpc');
const rpc = new rt.RetoolRPC({

Yes, That work for me, thanks.

There seem some misleading still in Resource prefilled coding.

I saw it has been modified yestarday, but it still cann't be run even I modify type to module in package.json.

It will good to modify this for the following users. thanks.

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Thank you for the feedback, @AnsonHwang. Yeah, we should clarify the code for ES style and for CommonJS style!

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