How to reduce long retool embed loading delays

Hi everyone!

I am experiencing long delays to load a retool embedded app and don't really know how to optimize loading times.

Here is what I observe:

Based on my understanding of the traces:

    1. The embed app content loads from 3.5s to ~7s.
    1. Nothing happens for 3s from ~7s to ~10s.
    1. Then the retool queries of my app are executed from 10s to ~11.5s

Can you confirm I understand correctly? Based on this, I am not sure how to optimize loading times.

    1. -> I guess this is related to the app content, and will get longer as the app gets more complex (eg more components, widgets, etc.)
  • 2.-> It's not clear what happens here and what I can do
  • 3.-> This is straightforward as it is directly related to retool query times

Any pointers on how I could reduce time spent in phases 1 and 2 would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot!

My guess is that this is related to retool generating the dependency tree it needs to render the content and make it dynamic
I had similar issues in the past, and the situation was improved by reducing drastically the number of components in the app that I was loading



So basically, I don't have any other option but to simplify the application? This is disappointing :confused:

Are there any pointers in the retool documentation about how to optimize applications? I could not find any

Well, how does your application look like, I mean how many components do you have?

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