How to pass variables to Stripe query

I'm trying to pass an account ID to another Stripe query by using additionalScope in the JS query.

But when I'm setting up the query that fetches account details, I can't set up that account ID as a variable

Any suggestions for next steps? Something I'm missing?


The error border and squiggly line for all variables passed through via additionalScope are normal. The intellisense can't pick up variables through additionalScope If you don't like those error feedbacks, you can check for not null & undefined else provide default value, then the error feedbacks will turn green.

Another thing to keep in mind, you properly test you will have to run from your JS Query.

Hope that helps.

It seems like the value still comes through as null

CleanShot 2023-04-11 at 08.59.09@2x

variables from additionalScrope is not accessible for transformer after the query. To illustrate that see video below.

The video shows the query returns the new value from additional scope, however, the transformer is not able to pick up that variable. That shows the additional scope is not accessible for transformer for the query.

additional scope

If you want to see what values passed, I would suggest to send it to a test JS Query and you can console.log from there.

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