How to link to a specific tab in a tabbed container?

Hi there,

Pretty straightforward question I think - is there an easy way to use the "open another retool page" function for a page with a tabbed container, and also specify which tab you want to open?

Or another way to achieve the same?


Hey @scottcressman. Do you mean that you want to open another Retool page with a specific tab selected? Or you want to open a separate Retool page when a user clicks on a tab?

Hi Justin,

The former. So basically from one ReTool page Iā€™d like to open another ReTool page that has a tabbed container, and specify which tab to open up.


@scottcressman Hi Scott! The best way would probably be to pass in a URL parameter for the tab index and then in the selected tab setting for the component reference the urlparams object kinda like shown here: Share data between apps

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