How to know which retool user made the API call to external backend service?

So I'm having some API calls to my backend service.

At the moment, we want to know who made the API call from retool, is there any way that retool support?

Like some kind of token for us to get the retool user info (including the roles), something like that.


Hi, welcome to the forums

There is a current_user global object that your app can access that you could use to pass an identifier to your API, eg {{ current_user.sid }}, maybe this would help?


Actually no, so we want to know which retool user is making the API call from our backend service.

We can send data from current_user, but ultimately client can hijack that kind of data over headers or post content.

I'm not sure if retool supports sending some kind of authorization token to our backend,

Ah I see - so how does your API authenticate requests?