How to interact with Table Filter for paginated API

I'm trying to display HubSpot's meeting objects on a table.
I can configure pagination using List endpoint but if I want the filter to be interactable, what is a way to go other than setting text inputs and change the table data source from List results to Search results? Since filter only works on a single page which is limited to 100 records max.

Meeting Endpoint on HubSpot↓↓

Hey @KMimpact!

It seems as though the Search endpoint may be the way to go here since it also supports pagination. Is there a particular concern you have about using that endpoint?

Hi @Kabirdas
thanks for your response.
I think users intuitively want to use filter in the bottom right coner in a table but I assume I have to use input boxes for search conditions.

I wish I could interact with the native filter on the table or disable it.

It is possible to disable the native filter button in your table settings:

Unfortunately, it currently doesn't support integration with server side pagination so it doesn't look like you'll be able to use its interface for your search query.

Does that work?