How to host Retool on a Raspberry Pi

Hello, I'm trying to host Retool on my Raspberry Pi (arm) and I couldn't make it work...

Host :
Raspberry Pi 4
Ram 8Go
OS Ubuntu 20.4

Do you have any idea ?
Thanks !

Hey Chris,

We don't have a Docker image which supports the ARM architecture, so unfortunately it is not possible to run Retool on a Raspberry Pi at this time. 😞

Hey Mark,

Thanks for your answer !

Is it something that you plan to support ?

Have a nice day !

I don't believe that there are currently any plans to support running Retool on a Raspberry Pi, but with the popularity of ARM-based Macs increasing, it does seem possible that we may release an ARM-compatible docker image at some point in the future.

Okay, thanks for your answer !

Yeah it could be useful, I hope it will be added to the roadmap !

Have a nice day

No problem! Feel free to post this as a feature request as well so that other users who are interested can chime in!

Have a great day!

For references, here is the link to the Feature request : Build a Retool docker image for ARM (Apple M1, Raspberry Pi)