How to Host a URL in Retool?

I've been exploring Retool for some of my internal projects and have found it to be a powerful tool for creating internal web apps. However, I have a specific use case where I want to host a URL or create an endpoint within Retool.

Is it possible to set up a public-facing URL or endpoint directly in Retool? I'm looking to feed this URL with new data regularly and want others to be able to access it to retrieve the information they need.

Hi @Felipe_Sampaio_Lima Thanks for reaching out! To confirm, are you looking for a feature to share a Retool app publicly without the need for users to log in?

We have a public apps feature that could work well for this. Public apps are somewhat limited in that you cannot use any user authentication--anyone with the link can view the app content.

As far as the URL, you can use your own domain, but the endpoint cannot be customized.