How to get URL from uploaded video

I am trying to create a from where a user can drag and drop in a video, and then hit a button to upload it to the database.

The database I am trying to upload it to is in Airtable, which requires a URL field for it to download the video from an make it's own copy.

I have all the components setup properly but when it comes to the sending Airtable the URL data, I am noticing that my drag and drop component doesn't have a .url I can access.

What is a solution or workaround for this?

Hey @masstr!

Unfortunately, uploading files into Retool only uploads them into your browser and doesn't upload them to a hosted service so that they'd be accessible via URL. As mentioned in this post the best workaround may be to upload them to a 3rd service and then grab that URL to send to Airtable.

Let me know if that works?

Thank you! Got this working using Amazon s3