How to get the plus button to insert a new row?

Hello all,
I am following this tutorial by retool and am attempting to insert a new row via the plus button to the table.

It says to use on row add which I know is now deprecated. There has been a shift from table edit queries to event handlers. I have gone through every option in the list and am unable to get the same results! Does anyone know what I can do ?

Updated I have followed the following updated from this retool post but still don't see the plus button.

Hey @Isis_Curiel! Happy to help :slight_smile: Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your table’s properties on the right hand side? Also, do you have at least one editable column and have you enabled the add row button toggle?

I actually figured it out. The button wasn't appearing because I didn't have the show add row button enabled! Thanks for the help!! @victoria

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So glad to hear you’re unblocked! Write back in anytime :hugs:

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