How to get the name of all applications that are in a folder

In the retoolContext, the name of the current application can be obtained, in this same way you can list the name of all the applications that are in X folder?


are you in on-prem environment? With on-prem, you can create a read only DB account to read the internal tables to get the list of apps within x folder.

Unless something new that I'm not aware, cloud environment is not possible at the moment. Could I consult this information from the retool api?

@Cesar_Insuasty I don't think Retool has an API yet. I just look through their doc and no mentioning of Retool's API. Just clarify, we're talking Retool's API, not integration with third party API.

I just learned that Retool has an internal API on a docker. If you can see all the endpoints it serves, then sure i don't see why not. I haven't seen that API or doc so I can't speak much on it.

This isn't currently supported, but there's an internal feature request for it in the backlog! :slight_smile:

Thank you for requesting this @Cesar_Insuasty and for hopping in here :heart:

Is it available now?