How to get the list of IDs when uploading multiple files via Retool Storage

  • Goal: I'm trying to upload multiple files (specifically images) via File Dropzone to Retool Storage. I then want to get the list of IDs for these files.

  • Steps: I've tried transforming the results, but I'm not very experienced in JavaScript and I don't understand the output for Retool Storage very well. I've also tried running it via a workflow instead, but the file becomes corrupted :confused:.

  • Details: I just want to be able capture and store these file IDs so they can be searchable in another app. Once the output is the list of file IDs, I can store that in a Retool Database associating with another ID to identify the ticket that came with the upload.

What I have right now looks like the below, at least in the app:

Any other ideas on how to do this would be great too. Thank you!