How to get the child listview length and its component value which are under parent listview

Hello, can someone help me to get the length of the child listview and its component value child listview is under the parent listview?
parent listview- listview1
child listview - listview2

For the child listView, you should be able to call it directly using listview2 like this:

Will that work for your use case?

I'm also linking our nested listview docs!

Hey @tess
this is my targeted form

so what I want when I click add component button at the bottom I'm adding a child list and every child list has two buttons add and remove add button is used to add items at the bottom of the same child list and the same as for others.
I want if there are multiple child lists then the number of items should be different on every child list currently each child list has the same number of item items.
and Also I want to value each field of each child list.

Hey @Tess
here in your example, you were accessing only one listview component, can you please give me an example of how we can access other child listview component's fields values together?
like you have 3 child listviews under your parent listview so can you get the value of all fields of all 3 child listviews?

Hi @Pradip_Kumar_Parkar Thanks for clarifying! I just sent one idea over to you via our support chat convo. Let me know what you think; happy to keep working on it!

Hey @Tess
Can you please guide, me on how can delete a specific item from Listview.?

using the above code, it removes the item from the bottom always.
please help

Hi @Pradip_Kumar_Pakar

Hmm, I would probably use a similar approach as you've mentioned.

I'd do something like this:

If I click the button next to the 3, it gets removed:

Keep in mind that if you run this query from the query editor, it doesn't know what i is, so i will always evaluate to 0. However, if you trigger this query from the listview ui, i will be correctly defined.

Hey @Tess

I'm facing a problem
A value of the input field of listview got vanished when the value changed of any other fields I have not applied any value change on that field.

Hi @Pradip_Kumar_Parkar Can we see a screenshot of your query?