How to format this api result to a normal format to use in a table?

Can you somebody tell me how I can transform this data to show in a normal table format?
When I call my api once it has the correct structure and works fine in my table


but when I loop the restapi I get below result and not able to format it to show up the same in a new table.

Without seeing how you are populating the table data....
Try {{formatDataAsArray([0])}} in the Default value for the table.

@ScottR thanks for the reply, then we come back to the same old story :slight_smile: Yes that would work to get the first key / item of the dataset but how do I display all.

Is there a chance you can send me just a small portion of the data set?

I wish I would know how to do that :slight_smile: Let me try

Issue solved with help from the retool team :slight_smile: in the transformer I needed to add

return data.flat();

instead of

return formatDataAsArray(data);