How to export query results to CSV in win-1250 formatting and with semicolon as delimiter

Hello, I need to export mysql query results into a specific CSV format:

  • formatting: win-1250
  • delimiter: semicolon
  • end of line: Windows (crlf)

Is it possible in Retool? I assume it can be done with Query Transformers but I am a javascript newbie. It would be great if someone could show me the right direction. :wink:

Thank you!

Hi @honzapav!

There are a few built in CSV management options: filepicker components will have a .parsedValue property that populates if the file is a CSV, buttons have a "download data" option that can output a CSV format, and tables have some built in CSV exporting options. If any of the default settings aren't working for your use case, we do have the Papa.parse library built into Retool. The full PapaParse docs are here, and that could be used in a JS query and they will support some more specific CSV parsing and exporting options.

I'm not sure if you can apply the specific formatting rules you're looking for if PapaParse or regular ol' JS won't work, though. 😔

Hi @victoria, thanks for the answer. I will check the library – finally, it seems that I will learn Javascript to be able to do more in Retool :slight_smile:

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