How to disable 'select individual fields' in Table?

I have created a Table, and I remember seeing an option where you can checkbox if you want the user to be able to select an individual field or not. It was not (and should not be) possible for my users, however after updating the table with new features it switched on, and I cannot find a way to disable it... Can anyone help, it should be switched of...

Schermafbeelding 2023-07-13 114133

It's available on the new table.

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Thanks, yes that's the switch that I remember seeing!
However it is not an option for the Table that I created, maybe I use an older version of the Table...I hope I don't have to create the Table all over :sweat_smile:

The strangest thing is also, it was switched off and suddenly cell selection was there...I can't find any option to switch it off again..

Hi @ellenhelena, thanks for writing in! The cell selection option should always be available in the Inspector under Interaction (like jason3w's screenshot), so it's strange you're not seeing it.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your table's inspector panel? We'll look into this!

Hi Anna,
Hereby a screenshot, thanks for taking a look at it..

Hi @ellenhelena, thanks for sharing! From the screenshot, it does look like the inspector for the legacy version of the table. This may be because you're on an older version of Retool where the new table is not the default.

I'd recommend checking if the new table is available on your instance, and if not, upgrading to receive all the features in the new table!

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