How to Create Retool Custom component


I'm developing a custom component for Retool but have come across conflicting information in three different documentation sources. Additionally, I've encountered issues with some CLI commands that do not work as described in Retool's CLI documentation. Could anyone with experience in this area provide guidance or a clear pathway on how to effectively create a custom component in Retool?


We're currently rolling out a broader open beta for custom components, and so there is a temporary discrepancy in our documentation. There are two versions of the custom component feature, and the new one should be available to all users as part of an open beta by end of day today.

The legacy version of the feature will continue to be supported, and documentation for which can be found here: Develop custom components | Retool Docs

The new version (which will be available in the next few hours), has documentation available here: Develop custom components | Retool Docs

Would you mind sharing a bit more about the issues you've had with conflicting documentation and the Retool CLI so we can ensure those are corrected?



can you tell me how to debug this custom component.becouse console log not show the errors or any thing.

Happy to try and help. If you are comfortable, can you share the code in your custom component via a tool like github gists, or something similar (removing anything that you would not like to be public from it) - along with what happens when it tries to render on the canvas.