How to create a form with subelements?

Hey there, I am trying to create a workout app. When the customer creates a new workout, the form should contain the following options: Name, Description, Exercises. There should be a button to add exercises (name, description and duration). All the added exercises are displayed in a list underneath the description. How to accomplish that with retool?

@moweb Welcome to the forum!
Have you gone through any of the tutorials or read any of the docs? There's a lot of information to get you started Retool. While I am happy to help, I don't have the time to build this out for you. Try to get some familiarity with Retool and you should be able to build what you have described in very little time!

Dynamically growing forms are a bit of a tricky thing to build in Retool but there are a bunch of different ways to approach the problem. Here's one example where using a JSON Schema Form is suggested. You might also try using a List View in your form, to which you can dynamically add rows. If you search for examples of List Views on these forums you should be able to find more ideas!

Curious to know more about what you've found so far!