How to convert data types

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to allow my users add records to the database via form, however i get the following error: (geography, methodology) values ('{166}', 1000) Value has type ARRAY<INT64> which cannot be inserted into column geography, which has type INT64 at [1:91]

Is there a way I can convert the {166} into 166?

Is it possible for you to post screenshots of the query itself and the form inspection information where users are adding records to the database?

Seems that it could be a matter of using too many curly brackets in the query but cannot be sure without more information.

Hi @ScottR Sure, here we have the ss. The form is inside a wizard, just in case that's important :slight_smile:

the ss. The form is inside a wizard, just in case that's important!

Why do you have the value for geography in curly braces?
Shouldn't it just be '166' OR '1000' - seems that your countryInput.value should only be one ID at a time.

Thanks, add one by one works for now! I actually wanted my user be able to add more than one country at time, however it's a good work around! Thanks Scott :slight_smile:

You can easily add multiple countries as you could iterate through the choices using additionalScope